Future Foundation School

We manage an educational institute by the name of Future Foundation School, a Madhya Pradesh Board affiliated establishment where primarily the educational needs of children who are dropouts or have never been to school are catered to.

Our school runs through the medium of Hindi and functions till the 8th standard. We also provide training for vocational courses and life skills to ensure the holistic development of our students and enhance their future employability.

We organize various relevant, interactive, and informative activities and events round the year. The activities complement and add value to the academic education and integrated development of students. The events provide an opportunity for students to showcase their progress. These include various field trips, counseling sessions, festival celebrations, sports event, picnics, visits to museums and adventure parks, and annual functions.

Holistic Development programme

Why How
To bridge the learning level Including BGT programme in our timetable. The target subjects will be English, Hindi & Mathematics.
Giving equal importance to both arts and subject knowledge Incorporating extra curricular activities as part of the curriculum. According to their passion, a student can select & excel in performing arts.
To match general knowledge level of a student to their grade level Grade level teaching of different subjects
To Inculcate the habit of reading and completing the homework Dedicated library and homework period everyday
To develop sensitivity and problem solving ability to students to deal with their physical, emotional and social challenges Life skills session according to the age and environment

Distribution of Student's Learning Time

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